Alzheimer Dreams

When I forget
Remind of the laughs we had
The stories we read
The lifetime we spent
The air we breathe
Remind of the hard times we’ve seen

When I’ll remember
I’ll remember the songs we sang
The family we had
The jokes we craked
The craziest ideas we had
The seasons we’ve passed
And the trips we planned

When I forget
Remind me of the world we’ve seen
The memories we had
Time capturing photographs
Million steps and dance
Remind me of your name before mine
Remind of those mysterious times

And when I’ll remember
I’ll remember the love we’ve shared
The dreams we had

And when I’ll forget
I’ll forget to forget you

– Infinity

Wicked World

I live in a wicked world
With a scary mind
Where speaking the truth is a crime
Love is not a feeling it’s just a word for rhyme

How to fall in love
When the hearts are made of stone
With a bitter past
And a lonely soul

Future used to be a mystery
But now it’s a race
Everyone racing
To win tomorrow
And loose today

Children don’t grow out of innocence
Now they are born ripe

Every enemy has a friendly face
Smile in front and a dagger behind
We all are drowning
We don’t see the surface

Everybody has eyes
But all are astray

An eye for an eye
And now everyone is blind

I told the truth
Now I have committed a crime

– Infinity

Dusk And Dawn

Disowned by day and the night
I spend my time in dawn and twilight
Inheriting the beauty of sunset and sunrise
Seeing the flock of birds flying
To the ones they’ve left behind

I stay stagnant
I don’t fly
Neither towards the day nor the night
See the silence with my eyes
It’s even peaceful then the tide
Even more quieter then the mime

Beloved ones call me I’m inconsistent
Ever changing with the time
I steer the conversion to day or night

Calm breezes are my cadence
I’m an enchantress
Colours in the sky are my spell

I’m  an unexplainable  inkling
At sunset and sunrise
Feeling of happy and sad at the same time
You cry a little and even smile

I wear both bright and dark with a pride
Disowned by day and the night

– Infinity

Pandemic Times

We’ve found our superheros
Well…. It’s not the Avengers or The DC

It’s the simple things around me
Saving us
Helping us
To fight the invisible enemy

Dear soaps and sanitizers
We were never aware that you lived like a commoner among us
As a friendly neighborhood Spiderman
With your great unseen powers
Sometimes you seem like a Kryptonian to me

Dear masks
Always thought you were a professional like Banner
But in the time of need
You’ve turned Green

And after all everybody needed was a little space
Not from where the Thor came

We should learn from Rogers and Stark
Apart maybe in distance
But never in hearts

This corona is no Joker to me
After all with great powers comes great responsibility

– Infinity

Essence Of Night

It was a greatest misconception that the darkest is the night. Oh! the cry of the wind on loomy night, the horrifying branches of the trees who lost thier youth to the time and the awaken one who was crused by day to wander in the nights, And yet the night owned him like an orphan child, granting the power to be known as the mighty one, whom has never seen the light. (Owl)

The mystical sound of crickets that’s the rhythm of night and yet the awful confused singer, who can’t decide whether to sing at day or night or whether live in water or land, Always confused and always singing. (Frog)

The fireflies are the stars of land, the creatures of day illuminating the night.

Then there’s the guardians of dark who live lightyears away but even shine when they die, never leaving the night from their sight, even when eclipse tries to blind the night.(Stars)

And the truest lover who howls her name every night even knowing that he will never able to be with her and will perish alone just looking at her lover one last time and yet she always comes every night just to look at her lover howling her name.(Wolf)

She’s the most beautiful, desired by everyone but still she just belong to the one. She beg to see him one last time and yet the day arrives, blinds her stealing all her light and yet she comes every single night to look at her lover one last time. (Moon)

Sun is the jealous one always burning of the love between her (Moon) and her lover (Wolf), every night she steals some light to look at her lover one last time but every day, he captures her away and the day arrives.

– Infinity

Just an attempt to glorify the beauty of night!


Life is a dangerous hope
Death is not end of soul
And brightest is not the light
Call of echo inside
Truth is the deepest fear
Determine the end is near
Desire is the purest sin
Pleasure is the cruelest greed
Waiting is like stumbling on a fragile line
I knew night is not the darkest time

– Infinity

Just Jump

I’m standing on edge of a cliff
Sea of infinite possibilities lies ahead
The clear blue water is shining like stars
The wind makes me feel like I’m flying
And the mountains echoing my name
Asking me to jump
Don’t think just jump

Now the cold rain pouring on my bare skin
Sun setting in the eternal sky
The night standing on the doorway
Arriving as the time passes me by
Waiting for me to jump
Don’t think just jump

There’s so much more than meets the eye

My feet stumbling
The sea now look like infinite dangers
The water just turns red in front of my eyes
The fear rushes through my body
And I hear the end is near
Asking me to jump
Don’t think just jump

I cried
Now my tears became the rain and poured
The stranger sea looking at me
The dark clouds roaring
The wind passing through me like I never existed
I remembered the story I’ve left behind
A mysterious voice came from inside just jump
And I jumped

Rather than going down
I went up high
I got the wings
Now I can fly, so much to see
So much to feel
I’ve never seen the world with these eyes

– Infinity

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The Ruined Heart

Oh my ruined heart
You’ve grown out of your innocence
Now you don’t deserve love
You’ve become one of them
Where lust is mistaken as love
Now you don’t belong to anyone
Oh my ruined heart you’re now one of them

I believed you could love
But you were manufactured wrong like everyone else
It’s good I’ve known before I was gone
To the endless loop of dreams
Where I imagined you could love
Oh my ruined heart you’re now one of them

I live in a ruined world
Where emotion could be bought by printed papers
Nothing is so sure
No one shows what they feel
There’s heart has been ruined by those pricey metal things
Oh my ruined heart you’re now one of them

You’ve became a stranger to me
An unknown beat in my chest
You murdered my innocent heart
Now you’re one of them too

– Infinity